Man Targeting Gay Men to Rob them at Gunpoint in Detroit

DETROIT, MI – A person who was a victim to an alleged armed robbery took the time to post the information to an app called Grindr to let gay men in Detroit be warned so they do not become the next target.grindr

The screen name of IrobU caught the attention of many on Sunday June 23rd, 2019. One person captured screen shots and sent them to us in hopes that a spotlight would be shed on this problem. The man who posted the information to the app has filed a report with Detroit Police. He was a victim of an armed robbery by this alleged suspect on Saturday June 22nd at 2:30AM.

A photo of the suspect along with details are putting gay men in Detroit on notice. That information is as follows:

“This man at 122** Frankfort in Detroit robbed me at gunpoint when meeting. He preys on gay men with his buddy and is straight. BE CAREFUL…he was on today to get another victim…he has robbed 7 men so far and shot another.”

Anyone who has been a victim or if you know who this person is, you are encouraged to contact Detroit Police at the 5th Precinct at (313) 596-5540 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SpeakUp.

When and if this suspect and his friend are arrested, their charges could be enhanced with hate crime status.

At 4:40PM today, Sunday June 23rd, we spoke with a detective from the 5th Precinct.  He knows who the victim is and that person will be meeting with that officer some time tomorrow to provide further information.

Information in this article is that of what the victim was holding out to the gay community. The incident as reported by the victim was published on MI Headlines so not only the gay community was aware of this potential issue, the general community needed to be made aware also.

The person in the photo has come forward and is claiming that he is innocent and that his image and reputation should not be connected to this incident. He has spoke with police today and will be meeting with them further tomorrow.

The alleged suspect has been cleared in this case by Detroit Police as of Monday June 24th, 2019

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