Farmington Public Safety Announces Death of Parking Enforcement Officer “Parking Steve”

FARMINGTON, MI – The Farmington Public Safety Department regretfully reported the passing of Parking Enforcement Officer Steve Roberts. “Parking Steve” served as the department’s parking enforcement officer for two years.

In the announcement posted to Facebook the department stated:

He was truly a gentle giant. He embraced his position and handled it with fairness and equity. He had a great sense of humor and he was ALWAYS willing to lend a helping hand.parking steve

The job of a parking officer is not an easy one. Typically, encounters with parking enforcement officers tend to ruin a persons day. Steve was well aware of the negative connotations associated with his position, but from day one, he tried his best to ease the parking officer stigma.

He took it upon himself to engage downtown business owners and employees to get to know them and address their parking concerns. He handled his enforcement duties professionally and was always kind and courteous when issuing parking citations.

Steve issued far more warnings than actual violations. Many times, he would be in the process of writing out a violation when the violator would approach him and beg for a break. 9 times out of 10, he gave them a break.

Steve was well-liked and well-respected among members of the public safety department and throughout City Hall. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steve’s wife, Dorrine, and his entire family as they grieve his loss.

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