Suspect in Reported Armed Robberies of Gay Men Cleared from Case

DETROIT, MI – In following up to the article about gay men being robbed at gunpoint after meeting through the gay social media app Grindr, the person who the alleged victim stated was the suspect has been exonerated from the case. cleared

The alleged suspect spoke with detectives today, Monday June 24th, 2019. The Detroit Police Department has determined that he was not involved in any such incident.

We are looking into further information that was shared in comments to the original article where a person stated the following:

“our handyman was robbed at gun point for our truck a few days ago by the same person who is cat fishing gay men with the man’s image. It was reported and the truck was recovered the next day. The man said he used this image to trick the gay men into thinking this was who they are meeting”

The image of the alleged suspect and the information concerning these armed robberies was available to see on the app Grindr for well over five hours on Sunday June 23rd. It caught the attention of several thousands of users on the app. The victim had posted the following:

“This man at 122** Frankfort in Detroit robbed me at gunpoint when meeting. He preys on gay men with his buddy and is straight. BE CAREFUL…he was on today to get another victim…he has robbed 7 men so far and shot another.”

At 4:40PM on Sunday June 23rd, we spoke with a detective from the 5th Precinct. He stated he knows who the alleged victim is and that person was to meet with them today to provide further information. The information that the victim had posted to Grindr was removed at about the same time that we spoke to this detective. We have not heard back from that officer at this time.

At the request from the person whose image was being used by the alleged victim and the Detroit Police Department, MI Headlines is honoring that request and has removed the image of this individual who the victim stated was committing these possible crimes.

Anyone who has information concerning this case, you are encouraged to contact Detroit Police at the 5th Precinct at (313) 596-5540.

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