Video Goes Viral of Lodge Freeway Shutdown

DETROIT, MI –  On Saturday June 29th, 2019, at 5:54PM, the attached video below was posted to Facebook showing that the Lodge Freeway was shut down by a mob of hooligans causing nothing but trouble in the city.

Actions by the younger generation of residents in the City of Detroit are proving that they do not respect nor do they want to take care of the city that they so claim to love.

Tearing it up. Shooting it up. Causing chaos by bringing traffic to a halt so you can show off what a car should not be doing on the Lodge Freeway is absolutely ridiculous and extremely dangerous.

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times so far. The outrage that the more mature residents in Detroit are feeling right now is thick in the air. That is not just the humidity that you are feeling. You are feeling a city that is fed up with the younger generations doing as they please and thinking they will not have to answer for the wrongs that they continue to do to a city that is trying to come back.

The video was posted to the Twitter account of The video has already been viewed over 4000 times just from that one account.

This is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with very swiftly. It is with great hope that when Detroit Police see the video that they can some how identify some of those in the footage and have them be front and center examples of what not to do on a local freeway.

And if the original person who posted the video thinks of deleting it from Facebook or trying to hide it from public view, don’t worry we have a copy of it for safe keeping so we can give a copy of it to authorities. The video has the title of ‘They Cant Stop Us Fuck 12’. We would not be so sure that you wont be found out and permanently stopped.

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An update to the video on Facebook:  The original poster of the video removed it from their personal page on the social media website at about 9:00AM Sunday morning. As promised, a copy of that video was made and is once again available for the public to see below.