Parking Lot Brawl Caught on Video in Dearborn Heights Surfaces

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI – It is just the beginning of summer and we are starting to see bad behavior sprouting up like bad weeds. This time the behavior was in a Dearborn Heights Burger King parking lot and it was captured on cell phone video and shared on social media.

Dearborn Heights police are investigating the beat down brawl and vehicular assault that occurred among some among women in the parking lot that occurred outside Burger King on West Warren Saturday night.

A cell phone video shows two women, one appearing to be pregnant, getting into a verbal altercation with the driver of an SUV that was parked outside the restaurant. It is unknown what sparked the incident.

The driver of the vehicle is repeatedly struck by the two woman while she was inside of her car. The driver manages to get the vehicle started and backs out of the parking spot. Its at that moment that you notice one of the two woman who were outside of the vehicle appears to be pregnant. The driver, trying to flee the area speeds the SUV towards the two women. The vehicle strikes the pregnant woman on the right side of her body.

The pregnant woman only received bumps and bruises. The unborn child is fine.  Detroit Police know who she is and they are waiting for her to turn herself in.

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WARNING !  This video is very disturbing to watch.