Huron County Emergency Services Busy during 4th of July

BAD AXE, MI – Huron County’s emergency services were very busy yesterday responding to a variety of incidents.Caseville County Beach 7-4-19

Huron Central Dispatch Director Randy Miller reported dispatchers dispatched 144 incidents from midnight of the 3 rd through midnight of the 4th. Of them, 3 were assigned to fire departments, 20 to ambulances and 121 to law enforcement.

The Huron County Sheriff’s Office handled over 70 of the them, which included a very hectic period on the Caseville County Park Beach from 16:30 through 18:00. There, 2 drug overdoses took place, 1 alcohol overdose, 1 individual was found knocked unconscious from a fight and 1 person was arrested for being disorderly while intoxicated.

By the time it all ended, 5 Huron County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to assist a Deputy who had been assigned to work on the beach, as well as 2 Caseville Officers, 1 Fairhaven Twp. Officer and 2 MSP Troopers. Two ambulance services responded as well, who had separate first responders there too. The beach was closed down during that period and the crowd was estimated to be over 2000.

Today, the Huron County Sheriff’s Office called 6 off duty Deputies in and assigned them to the beach to address the alcohol, marijuana and illegal drug use. There will be other shifts of Deputies assigned to the beach for the weekend as well. It needs to be noted that the Caseville Beach is not normally like it was yesterday, and in the Sheriff Kelly Hanson’s 37 years of law enforcement, he could not ever recall it getting that far out of hand.

The Sheriff’s Department certainly welcomes beach goers by all means but trouble makers can easily find themselves waking up in the Huron County jail tomorrow morning, or appearing in district court sometime during the upcoming week.

Other incidents their Deputies tended to yesterday included 6 individuals being booked into the jail and nearly 30 tickets were issued, with 15 being water related. Fourteen of those were to kayakers for not having a life jacket. Several verbal warnings were also given on other violations that the road and marine patrol Deputies came across.

They definitely invite everyone to enjoy their county in the days to come. However, they also want everyone to be safe and not get hurt or worse while doing it as well.

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