Planned East Side Detroit Music Festival Charged Whites more for Tickets than non-Whites

DETROIT, MI – A Detroit music festival has made national headlines due to its organizer’s decision to charge patrons different admission prices based on ethnicity.AfroFutureFest

The AfroFuture Fest ignited a firestorm for its two-tier ticket pricing in which white people were asked to pay double the price for people of color. Tickets purchased before July 17th cost $10 for people of color and $20 for white people. General admission would be $20 for people of color, and $40 for whites.

The backlash has been swift.

Organizers for the event stated that after receiving racist comments on social media and threats from white supremacists, they had decided to change their ticketing model in the interest of safety. All remaining tickets will now cost $20, though there will be a suggested donation for white people.

Information about the events pricing model has been written about on national news media outlets such as CNN, TMZ, The New York Times and The Washington Post to name a few.

From the Mayor of Detroit to the neighborhoods in the city, so many people have been trying extremely hard to polish the very tarnished image that Detroit has had for many years. Even though organizers have changed the pricing structure, it appears that there is now another dent in a city that does not deserve it. Once again more negative light has been cast upon Detroit and now the nation is watching even more so with a cautious eye.

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