Woman Convicted in 2016 Murders of Grand Blanc Apartment Office Workers

FLINT, MI – A Grand Blanc woman has been found guilty in the shooting deaths of two office workers at a Grand Blanc apartment complex in 2016.Jacquelyne Tyson

Jacquelyne Faye Tyson, 57-years-old, was found guilty but mentally ill for the murders of Tamara Johnson, 45, and Lyric Work, 20, on July 26, 2016 while the two were working in their office at Grand Oaks Apartments.

The case was adjudicated in a non-jury trial before Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah who ruled Tyson guilty but mentally ill of first degree murder, second degree murder, and two counts of felony firearm.

Prosecutor Leyton said under Michigan law, the penalty for being found guilty but mentally ill of first degree murder is life in prison without the possibility of parole and that Tyson will undergo further mental evaluations and psychiatric treatment while in prison.

Prosecutor Leyton clarified that guilty but mentally ill is different than a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity which would have potentially provided Tyson an opportunity to be paroled from prison one day were she to be found mentally rehabilitated.

“Despite the State’s own forensic evaluation opinion that Tyson was insane, I felt it was imperative that we stand up for the victims in this case and hire an independent expert to examine and evaluate the defendant,” said Prosecutor Leyton.

“The independent forensic expert’s conclusion was that, while Tyson may have had mental issues, she was not legally insane,” said Prosecutor Leyton. “That expert’s opinion was critical to our ability to prosecute this case to the end and to see justice through for the victims and their surviving families,” he said.

Leyton noted that Lyric Work was pregnant at the time of the shooting and her baby was delivered via cesarean section seven weeks prior to her due date.

Tyson will be sentenced on August 6th.

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