Trio Convicted in Flint Human Trafficking Case

Human Trafficking Convictions

Darius Thames/Emily Draheim/Trey Stewart

FLINT, MI – Three people charged with human trafficking of a woman at a home in Flint in May of 2018 have been convicted and now will be facing prison sentences.

Darius Thames, 42-years-old, Trey Stewart, 26-years-old, and Emily Draheim, 28-years-old, all of Flint, were each charged with human trafficking and other related offenses after a woman escaped a home in which she was being held captive on the south side of Flint and sought help from employees at a nearby business. The employees called 9-1-1 and Flint Police responded to the scene.

The victim said she had recently divorced from her husband and had been staying with friends at a few different locations when she found herself at the home on Freeman Avenue where Thames and Draheim lived. The victim was allowed to live at the home but after some time, problems arose with the living arrangement and Draheim and Thames accused the victim of stealing money.

Thames and Draheim severely beat the victim, bound her with duct tape, and threatened to kill her until Stewart intervened to stop the beatings. The victim was then held captive in the home for several days and forced to engage in sex acts with others for money. Thames kept the money that was paid as repayment for the alleged thefts he and Draheim accused the victim of committing.

Thames plead no contest to Unlawful Imprisonment, Human Trafficking, Felonious Assault, and felony firearm and acknowledges habitual offender fourth status for sentencing purposes.

Stewart plead no contest to unlawful imprisonment, human trafficking, and felony firearm.

Draheim plead no contest to unlawful imprisonment, human trafficking, and assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.

“This was a horrifying nightmare for the victim,” said Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton. “She was already facing a difficult situation in life and then found herself being held captive and forced to endure physical and sexual assaults by strangers over the course of several days,” Prosecutor Leyton said.

“The perpetrators will now face prison sentences and we will do all we can to continue to provide much needed services to our victim who is in the process of trying to recover from the trauma she has suffered through,” Prosecutor Leyton said.

The three convicted co-defendants will be sentenced on September 5th, 2019

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