Active Shooter Post on Social Media that went Viral is a Hoax

DETROIT, MI – Police departments in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek are asking that the public share out actual true information that the post on social media concerning an active shooter in those areas are a hoax. They are false.hoax

There are no reports of active shooters or mass criminal activity. Some are referring to this as “The Purge” referencing the recent movie opening “The First Purge”. The listed department and many others that have not been mentioned ask that you help to put a stop to these false messages.

Posts such as these put lives in danger by placing indivudals who are ill equiped to cope with any true crisis into a panic.

The Detroit Police Department is aware of false allegations posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.) regarding an Active Shooter in the City of Detroit and other locations. These allegations are false.

During a time where the county is mourning the loss of scores of innocent people, due to recent mass shootings, spreading false information such as this is malicious, it’s reckless and irresponsible.

It’s important that accurate information is given to prevent fear. If you did not hear it from the Detroit Police Department, it is not true. #ProtectandServe #OurCommunity