Second Bald Eagle Found Injured in Huron County

OLIVER TOWNSHIP,  MI  – A second injured Bald Eagle was found in a field driveway on Grassmere Rd., north of M-142, in Oliver Twp., on the morning of Tuesday August 5th, 2019, around 7:00am

Injured Bald Eagle found in Huron County

Injured Bald Eagle found in Huron County

The bird was found by Huron County resident Nehemiah Messing.

Messing assisted Sgt. James Hunt to catch the Eagle where it was then transported to Sgt. Hunt’s residence until it could be taken to a bird rescue yesterday morning. It’s unknown how the Eagle was injured. It was unable to fly due to an injured wing.

The first Eagle was located at about 8:00AM on July 28, when a bald eagle flew into the path of a passing vehicle. That eagle was trying to eat roadkill.

Both birds were taken to the Wild Life Support Team, a volunteer organization out of Essexville, said Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson.

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