Burka Wearing Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested in Chesterfield Township

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI – Two men, in their 20’s, from Detroit, were arrested today in Chesterfield Township for the recent armed robbery of a TCF Bank.

On Thursday August 22nd, 2019, at approximately 10:00AM, a person intent on robbing the TCF Bank, entered wearing a burka as a disguise.

Obviously wearing a burka as a disguise to rob a bank is a bit unusual for a man from the steeled streets of Detroit. If he were trying to go for a look that was less threatening, he accomplished that goal.  If wearing the garment was one of comfort and to make himself feel and look more attractive, he surely missed the mark.

But now he will not have to worry about wearing his flowing Hijab because he and his accomplice traded their garments in for those with undeniable prison stripes.

Chesterfield Township Police arrested the bank robbery suspect, and an accomplice, today at 11:00AM in the area of 23 Mile Rd and Seaden Rd.

On a hunch, Chesterfield Detectives were surveilling near the TCF bank, with information the suspect was in the area. The suspects were located walking along 23 Mile Road. Chesterfield Police Detectives made contact with the suspects, and a short foot chase ensued.

One suspect was quickly arrested and the other was located and arrested moments later hiding in an adjacent business. 2 firearms were recovered.

Both suspects are currently being held at Chesterfield Township Police Dept and will be formally arraigned next week.

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