Young Man Gunned Down near Nothingham and Britain on Detroit’s East side

DETROIT, MI – On Tuesday September 24th, 2019, a young man was shot to death near the intersection of Nothingham and Britain on Detroit’s East side.

At approximately 4:00PM shots rang out in the 11000 block of Notingham and a person, who appears to be in their early 20’s and  who is said to go by the street name of Scooby, lost his life.

As Detroit Police arrived on scene, it was chaos as those in the neighborhood who knew the victim came to understand and realize who had just been killed in the street. Those in the neighborhood are saying that the victim was setup to be robbed.

From witnesses, apparently there was an altercation between the deceased man and another man. In a video you can hear the suspect say that the deceased had messed with the wrong person.

There was some type of pistol whipping that took place. From what we understand at this time, the deceased was the one who had the weapon.  He lost control of that weapon. The other person, the suspect, was able to get the weapon and fire off several rounds.

The suspect was last seen being placed in the back of a patrol car and driven off.

No further information is available.  Please check back for updates. The information in the article is subject to change since this incident just took place.

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