No Help in Sight for Cat Caught up a Tree in Clinton Township

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – A cat that has been caught in a tree for at least three days now is facing the worst of weather conditions with no help currently in sight to help it get down.

A recent post was brought to the attention to MI Headlines about the plight of this poor animal.  The post is as follows from Michigan’s Urgent Cats: “911! This cat needs help now! It’s going on almost 3 days in this tree and this weather is just getting worse! Can anyone try to help this poor baby and if it gets down can someone hold this sweetheart for stray hold? Located in the 15 and Harper area, Clinton Township this cat is at an apt complex! Please contact us for location if you can help! Please share! “.

If you have information or resources to assist in getting this feline back to safety, please contact the group through their Facebook page.

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