Tennessee Man Accidentally Shoots Self in Huron County

KINDE, MI – On November 15th. 2019, at 5:47p.m., deputies from the Huron County Sheriff’s Office and EMS were dispatched to Michigan St, west of Dwight St. in Kinde, which was the scene of a man bleeding from the head laying in the street. shooting-investigation

He had been discovered by a resident whose house he was in front of, along with a passing motorists driving by. It was unknown what the problem was because the alert injured man could not talk. However, while he was being treated, a handgun shell casing was located near him and a handgun was found in his pocket as well.

While he was being treated on scene, Deputy Strozeski further learned that he was a 28-year-old man from Tennessee who had been staying with a nearby resident. His injuries, which were confined to his face and head, were determined to have been from a gunshot. He was taken to McLaren Thumb by Thumb Ambulance Service, then eventually flown out to an out-of-county hospital for treatment of his stabilized injuries.

At this time it is believed his gunshot wound was self-inflicted. It was further believed that he had been laying in the street for about 5 minutes before he was discovered.

Further investigation into the incident will occur over the next couple of days.

Also assisting at the scene was the Kinde Area Fire Department.

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